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Master of Fine Arts ​University of Calgary, Royal College of Art London exchange,

Specialization Printmaking, 2004
Bachelor of Fine Arts ​University of Calgary, Specialization Photography, 1999


Teaching Appointments

Alberta University of the Arts​ Instructor in Continuing Education (2009- ongoing)

University of Lethbridge​ (2008- 2010) Instructor of Photography, BFA program

Untitled Art Society​ Darkroom Photography Instructor (2011-12)
Havering College​, Essex, United Kingdom (2006) Instructor of Photography

Solo Exhibitions
2017​ ​Field Work Etchings​, Alberta Printmakers Artist Proof Gallery

2013​ ​The Long Exchange, ​Paris-cope project for Mixed Greens Gallery, NYC All Along, ​collaboration with​ ​Hye-Seung Jung, Pith Gallery Calgary
2009​Fortuna,​ Trianon Gallery, Lethbridge
The Filthy Water Grotto (​ in collaboration with Justin Patterson), Art Gallery of

2003​No sooner did they appear​, Spur Gallery, Calgary.
2002​ ​The Flooded Cellar​, project space, Truck Gallery, Calgary

Selected Group Exhibitions
2017 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art,​ Walter Phillips Gallery/Art Gallery of Alberta with collaborator Justin Patterson

Luma Film and Media Art Quarterly​ Launch: screening of ​Object Vocation

2014​Voted Most Likely,​ C2 Gallery, curated by Kim Dorland
2013​Wreck City ​(in the ​We are Hysterical h​ ouse curated by Jennifer Crighton) 2012​ ​Safe Lights, S​ atellite Gallery Untitled Art Society, Calgary

2011​ ​If Lightning Falls in Low Places, P​rojective City, Paris, France
2008​Alberta Contemporary Photography 2008​, Triangle Gallery Calgary, curated by

MN Hutchinson and Arthur Nishimura (photographs and video)

Darkling Eclipse ​at Kunstverein das weisse haus Vienna, Austria, curated by Susannah Welsley and Meredith Carruthers
May Day ​at the Arbour Lake Sghool, curated by the Summerwood Warren,Calgary IDEAL Towers, IDEAL space Calgary, curated by Scott Rogers
2007Through the Looking Glass B​uilding 1000 London UK (EBB video)
ArtCity Calgary, ​Kind of Sort of Yours but Actually Mostly Mine​, curated by 
Wednesday Lupypciw (video screening of ​Icecave​), Glenbow Museum
Get Lost a​t Locust Projects for Art Basel Miami, USA, curated by Mark Clintberg

2006​ ​Videonale 11,​ Kulturpfeiffer, Berlin (​1/3 Gate ​Video loop)
Videomakers Showcase,​ Salt Gallery, Cornwall, UK (video)
The Center Cannot Hold,​ Gallery Toronto Free, Toronto, Canada (video, photographs

and sculptural installation) (as part of the Arbour Lake Sghool collective)

2005​ ​Sincerity Overdrive​, Stride Gallery, Calgary. (sculpture and video) Drawing Projects,​ Campbell’s Art Gallery, London UK (etching)
Search the Catalogue,​ (curated by Mark Clintberg) Edmonton Public Library,

Edmonton. (drawing)
2004 ​Herland, v​ideo screening of ​Boy Putting on a Sweater​, Plaza Cinema, Calgary

8 Conversations... M​asters of Fine Arts Graduating Students Exhibition, Nickle Arts Museum. (installation- photographs, sculpture, etchings, video) AGC Flicks​, Art Gallery of Calgary. (8mm films)

New York Tea Party c​ ollaborative performance with Amanda Couch, Brooklyn,USA

2003​ ​Regarding Residue/Corner Falls,​ The Little Gallery. (sculptural installation)

Interconnections,​ Gallery San Chun. (etchings)
2000​Our Beautiful, Ridiculous Plans,​ Gallery San Chun, Calgary. (etchings)

1999 Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduating Students Exhibition​, Nickle Arts Museum

Recent Collabration

2019​ photographic collaboration with Marigold Santos for her solo exhibition

Surface Tether​, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton

Curatorial Projects

2009-2015​ curatorship for Pith Gallery, Calgary
2006​ ​The Figure in Wales,​ Campbells Art Gallery. Artists include Sue Williams, Philip

Nicol, Toby Ursell.
2005​ ​Drawing Projects,​ Campbell’s Art Gallery, London UK. Artists include: Jerwood

Drawing Prize Winner 2005 Amanda Couch, Giulietta Coates.
New Magic Painting​, Campbell’s Art Gallery, London, UK. Artists include: Allyson Glenn, Harry Steen, Liam O’Connor.


Adams, Sarah, “Akimblog Reviews”, ​Alberta Contemporary Photography​, Akimbo,, January 23, 2008
Galleries West, ​​, 2017 Galleries West,“for-the-time-being-2017-alberta-biennial-of-contempo rary-ar/​, 2017

Luma Quarterly,​, 2017


September-November 2015 Alberta Printmakers, Artist in Residence

Grants Awarded

Calgary 2012 Art Production Grant, 2012
Alberta Foundation for the Arts Project Grant- Video Art Production, 2008


Fog Northwest,​ photographic feature wall at Calgary Diagnostic Center, Creekside, through Robert Pashuk Architecture 2015

Commercial Representation

2014 Pomp and Circumstance, Calgary

2012 Projective City, Avignon, France

Publication and Writings

2012 ​Jacinthe Loranger a​rticle for Eastern Edge Gallery
2011 ​Jacinthe Loranger​- article for ​I am the One Orgasmatron​, Artist Proof Gallery

2004 Poof of Smoke M​FA Graduate Thesis University of Calgary Press

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