Object Vocation, Video loop, 2017, collaboration with Justin Patterson for Alberta Biennale 2017

Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff AB

9.0 lavafling Watson.jpg
8.0 work etching 8 Watson.jpg
6.0 work etching 7 Watson.jpg
2.0 work etching 2 Watson.jpg
1.0 work etching 4 Watson.jpg
3.0 work etching 3 Watson.jpg
5.0 work etching 5 Watson.jpg
7.0 work etching 1 Watson.jpg
4.0 work etching 6 Watson.jpg
work etching #11web.jpg
Work Etchings, 2017, exhibited at Artist Proof Gallery, Alberta Printmakers, Calgary
install shot Walks 2012.jpg
Walks of 2012, Colour Photographs from 120mm film, exhibited at Pith Gallery 2013
thecrates4 copy.jpg
Golden Grotto, a Pariscope project, 2012, exhibited at Mixed Greens Gallery, Chelsea, NYC
AGC Grotto 022.jpg
Filthy Water Grotto, installation 2008, collaboration with Justin Patterson for Art Gallery of Calgary
Fortuna postcard.jpg
Hannah and Daniel 022.jpg
Fortuna, installation at Trianon Gallery, 2008, Lethbridge AB
marble plus 15.jpg
IDEAL TOWERS, installation 2007, Calgary AB
watson sincerity overdrive imagesweb.jpg
watson sincerity overdrive images 004.jp
Scrimshaw and Corbel, exhibited at Stride Gallery Calgary for Sincerity Overdrive 2005 and 2008 Pariscope Gallery Paris

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